De pipowagen naar zijn plek

Bijna klaar en nu naar zijn definitieve plek. We verhuisden de pipowagen eind april met Hans en Marjan.

Kijk Mamalou op de bok!

Even Barabara inspannen en daar gaan we dan weg van het snelbrulverkeer!

Een echte vrolijke pipowagen-->

Hoe idyllisch….

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  1. Hey Mariken and Ron :)
    Well, what a lovely little wagon! It seems a beautiful place to relax and get away from the world :). Funny that you should show this little wagon, just when I have been researching tiny homes - these are small homes that people make for around 9000 dollars to avoid a mortgage. Very small and cosy.
    Do you remember showing me this guy who talked about a simple way of life - building traditional houses and gardening and such? That video you showed me made such an impact on the way I view the future! I am hoping to build my own house out of cob now (a mixture of clay and sandy soil and straw). :) Thank you for inspiring me!
    Much love to you and the family!
    xX Zoe |

  2. Yes! I also saw those tiny homes, very nice! I must admid that we are doing quit the opposite: we are almost having a whole village and lots of stuff... Where are you going to build your house? As usual I'm busy in this period but I'll soon meet you again on your blog!!


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